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GEO 102 Library Resources

This guide includes library resources and assignments for students enrolled in GEO 102: General Education - Oral Communications

Finding evidence activity

Good speeches are based on evidence from a wide range of sources. And, once you've found a source, you need to know how to locate the specific pieces of evidence within that source in order to use them for your speeches. Follow the instructions below to learn how to do this. 

1. Watch this video showing you how to identify specific pieces of evidence within a scholarly article. It will also provide an overview of how to know whether or not the source itself is a peer-reviewed article, since you may need to use a specific number of peer-reviewed articles for your speech assignment.

2. Complete the Finding Evidence Worksheet:

  • Open the following sources and have them available as you complete the worksheet. They are a mix of scholarly and non-scholarly (but still credible) sources.