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LBST 100/300: Introduction to Critical Education (Professor Ardon) [Spring 2021]

LBST 100 / 300 Research Assignment


Public schooling in the United States has undergone many transformations, from the localized instruction in small colonial villages mainly led by clergy and women, to a national educational institution defined by laws and policies. Through these transformations, American public education has taken shape in the backdrop of historical exclusion and systemic discrimination of many groups of people. Thus, in order to address the underlying factors that give way to unequal or inequitable education, we must understand the systemic and historical roots of these problems. This socio-historical knowledge provides the tools to critically analyze current reform efforts and educational policies shaping American public education in the 21st century. The purpose of Essay 2 is to think critically and analytically about an issue, idea, or problem related to American public education.



  • Write a research essay that critically analyzes public education the United States and/or California.
  • Examine one issue in public education and its intersection with race, class, gender, sexuality, citizenship, culture or dis/ability to understand the impact in quality/equality/equity in education. Choose one critical education issue for the focus of your research. You may focus your research analysis on one social issue or one education policy in the past or the present.
  • Find, evaluate, and use 4-5 relevant peer-reviewed scholarly articles to support your argument. You may use other sources and a combination of concepts discussed in class, course readings in addition to the required scholarly articles.