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SOC 480: Sociology Capstone (Professor Fraser) [Spring 2021]

SOC 480 Final Paper Guidelines

Structure of the Paper

  • Well organized, including introduction with thesis statement, literature review (with sub-topics), solution, conclusion, and reference page
  • Cited properly according to APA or ASA standards
  • Grammar, spelling, and sentence structure are correct
  • Double spaced, 10 to 12 point font, 1 inch margins
  • Minimum of 10 pages and a maximum of 15 pages (this does not include cover page or references page)

I. Introduction
The topic is introduced and provides an overview of why this is an important social issue worth studying. Identify and introduce which country is reducing or solving this issue best. Include some data to help highlight the issue and the differences. Thesis statement gives clear focus of paper.
[Suggested length: 3-4 paragraphs]
(10 points possible based on content and style)

II. Literature Review
Demonstrate your ability to locate, identify, and write about scholarship related to your social issue. The result should be a detailed discussion of what the scholarly literature tells you is the current status of your social issue. Synthesize don’t summarize. Sociological concepts and at least one theory is connected, in depth without being redundant. Social factors connected to the issue are clear. Intersection of inequality is included and at least 2 social factors are discussed (race, class, sexuality, gender, religion, etc.). Scholarly, sociological (or related discipline), peer reviewed sources should all be fairly recent (2010 - present).
[Suggested length: 5-6 pages]
(40 points possible based on content and style)

III. Solution
Which country is working on solving/reducing this social issue best? Detail the ways in which they are going about solving or reducing this social issue and how they are making a significant impact  - explain the program or policy. Include basic, relevant information about the country to help lay the foundation (population demographics/type of government/etc.). How does the data support your findings? Use indicators such as life expectancy/poverty rates/incarceration rates/etc. to help illustrate how they are making a significant contribution to solving this problem. Scholarly sources as well as government and organizational websites should be used to support your solution.
[Suggested length: 3-5 pages]
(30 points possible based on content and style). 

IV. Conclusion
Make succinct and precise conclusions based on the literature review and solutions to write a comparative analysis. Show clearly how implementing this program or policy will help reduce the social issue in the US. Tie everything together neatly by making sure insights into the problem/solutions are appropriate.
[Suggested length: 1-2 pages]
(10 points possible based on content and style)

V. References  
Use the American Sociological Association (ASA) or American Psychological Association citation styles (APA). Must be in correct format, both in-text and reference page. Any sources cited in-text MUST be included in reference page and any sources included in reference page MUST be cited in-text.
[Suggested length: minimum 10 scholarly sources that you independently located and used]
(10 points possible based upon content and style)