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CSUSM Library Award for Undergraduate Research Scholarship and Creative Activity

Submission can include...

Read each of the categories below to find your “fit.” After reading the broad categories below you should have a good sense of where your work best fits for submission.

If you have any questions about the fit of your submission, please contact Toni Olivas at Members of the judging committee for the award may re-categorize re-categoriseyour works if they are found to belong elsewhere.

  • Creative Works (Recommended for scholars in performing arts, mathematics, or computer science courses may find this category a fit)

    •  Including, but not limited to, Examples for submission in this area would include: an art installation, software program, musical composition, film or video, special project, mathematical research, etc. 

  • Empirical Research  Works (Recommended for scholars in social science / science courses).

    • Including, but not limited to, research works conducted with qualitative or quantitative methodologies using the (social-) scientific method. (The submission project should utilize data to prove or disprove a hypothesis.)

  • Interpretive Analysis Works (Recommended for scholars who are taking courses that are in humanities courses, such as English, Literature, art, communication, film, or history). 

    • Works here, Including, but not limited to, analysis which aims to capture hidden meaning and ambiguity of a cultural artifact (such as a piece of art, person, or event). Examples: cultural/literary criticism, film analysis, historiographies, social criticism, etc.