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CSUSM Library Award for Undergraduate Research Scholarship and Creative Activity

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Image of poster with award winner names for 2016 - 2017Beginning in the 2016 - 2017 academic year the Kellogg library created the CSUSM Library Award for Undergraduate Research Scholarship and Creative Activity. In 2020 - 2021 the award was re-envisioned to be more accessible and inclusive, and is now known as ____________________________.

Winning submissions can be located in CSUSM's Institutional Repository, ScholarWorks.



2019-2020 No Awards*

The Library cancelled the award in this year. In 2020 - 2021 awards will be doubled. 

Due to COVID-19 precautions many student researchers were unable to access labs and other means of completing their projects, resulting in the cancellation decision.

2018-2019 Award Winners

Empirical Research

Rasmus Clausen, Kinesiology 
"Comparison of Affective Response to Physical Activity Through Reductive Exertion High Intensity Training Among Active and Inactive"
Faculty Advisor: Todd A. Astorino

Kevin Dunn, Sociology
"Builders of Your American Dream"
Faculty Advisor: Mary Roberts

Interpretive Analysis

Lynda Verina, History
"Race, Riot, and Recovery: Identifying Motive and Methods of Response to the Violence of 1863 New York City Draft Riots"
Faculty Advisor: Ann Elwood

2017-2018 Award Winners

Empirical Research

Petrona Gregorio, Rosa Hunt, and Elizabeth Cruz, Psychology
"The role of risks information, social norms information, and implementation intentions on decreasing sugar-sweetened beverage consumption intentions and behavior."
Faculty Advisor: Heike Mahler

Sebastian Ring, Kinesiology
"Acute response to the 7 minute workout"
Faculty Advisor: Todd Astorino


Interpretive Analysis

Sara Freitag, Communication
"Gucci: Flattering women through patriarchal heteronormativity"
Faculty Advisors: Antonio De La Garza

Chase Spear, History
"Oriental Masquerade: The Cultural Impact of Japanese Kimonos in America"
Faculty Advisor: Zhiwei Xiao

2016-2017 Award Winners

Creative Works

Tiersa Cosaert, Visual & Performing Arts
"Curios of the Future" [sculpture]
Faculty Advisor: Judit Hersko

Empirical Research

Ivan A. Hernandez, Charlene Andreason, Alondra Calva, Caitline Castillo, Psychology
"Perceptions of Socioeconomic Mobility and Risk-Taking Behavior"
Faculty Advisors: Wesley Schultz, Anna Woodcock

Josefa Gregorio, Lorena Aguirre, Jesus Perez, Alejandra Zafra, Physics
"Synthesis and Characterization of the Doped Othoferrite HoFe0.5V0.5 O3"
Faculty Advisor: Stephen Tsui

Interpretive Analysis

Elizabeth Jaffari, Literature & Writing
"Monstrous Ambiguity and Desire in Otsuichi's Goth"
Faculty Advisor: Rebecca Lush