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Beyond the Stereotype: There is Belief

This guide offers Library and other resources to help support the curriculum behind the 2020/21 Beyond the Stereotype campaign.

Beyond The Stereotype Campaign History

The campaign began in 2015 with it's first set of posters entitled Beyond the Stereotype: There is History. Then continued in 2018 with its second iteration entitled Beyond the Stereotype: There is Pride. The current poster campaign was unveiled at the All Peoples Luncheon on October 29th, 2020. These posters are currently on display virtually and will be on display at the University Library in fall 2021.

Specific goals for this campaign:

  1. Challenge/investigate the stereotypes surrounding religion, spirituality, faith, and life practices
  2. Investigate the various ways that belief/faith can inspire social action
  3. Understand the various ways that belief/faith has aided in the oppression of people
  4. Invite self-reflection, introspection, and self-exploration as one engages the campaign

In addition to reviewing the Office of Inclusive Excellence website for more information, this guide will also direct you to newspaper, journal or magazine articles about each campaign topic. Subject encyclopedias can also be useful places to look for information because they are written by experts in the field and will also include references that will direct you to further reading.

Reference databases