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BUS 442 (Antoniou)

Products or Services of the Firm

Sources below can you understand your product, supply, or service. Combination of subscription content, governments, and websources.

Passport Euromonitor (Library Database)

Notes on use of this database: CSUSM Student USE Only. You must agree to terms and conditions before entering the database.

There are different menus, approaches to access data, analysis, and dashboards. Write down the steps to use to obtain your information!

Passport top menu provides the ability to search an industry, economies, consumers, companies, and Analytics


Searching an industry?  Step #1 Click Industries, Step #2 Select a category (Consumer products, Services, or Supply). Step #3 From the new page shown, scroll down and use the "Country Reports Datagraphic" Tile. Step # 4 Select a category and geography, hit go

Note: Selected Products, Services and Supplies are researchable in this database:

Consumer Products

Alcoholic drinks Apparel and Footwear Beauty and Personal Care
Consumer Appliances Consumer Health Eyewear
Fresh Food Health and Wellness Home and Garden
Home care Hot Drinks Luxury Goods
Packaged Food Personal Accessories Pet Care
Soft Drinks Tissue and Hygiene tobacco
Toys and Games    


Consumer Finance Consumer Foodservice Retailing


Ingredients Packaging