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CSUSM University Library Mini-Conference: Home


August 17, 2022, 9:00-4:30pm

Mini-Conference Timeline

  • June 2 - Call for Proposals Open
  • June 8 - Workshop on Writing Proposals: view the recording or review the slides
  • June 24 June 29- Proposals Due
  • June 30 July 1- Notifications Sent
  • Aug. 1 - Schedule announced
  • Aug. 2-3 - Drop in Q&A Sessions, as needed


The University Library Professional Activity and Research Mini-Conference is a daylong event where CSUSM library employees can present on their professional activity and/or research. The Mini-Conference will offer a keynote speaker on the selected theme, followed by presentations by our colleagues and poster sessions. This event will provide an opportunity for library employees to present in a professional environment and reflect the opportunity on their CVs/resumes; build organizational insight into others’ work and research in the library; demonstrate how research and professional activities support and strengthen the mission of the library; and provide a venue for sharing a wide range of anti-racist and social justice activities and research conducted by library employees.

As this is an event intended to develop both seasoned and novice library professionals, the review and presentation process will be heavily supported through workshops that will help proposers write an abstract and bio, create outcomes for a presentation, and develop a presentation or poster. 

University Library Professional Activity and Research Mini-Conference

2022 Mini-Conference Theme: Future of Libraries

Given that we are still in a space of uncertainty, we have an incredible opportunity to reimagine the University Library, the services we offer and how they are offered, our workflow, workload and the treatment of library workers. Where do we want to go as an organization? How can we make changes that benefit our users, campus and library workers?

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Change(s) you made to your workflow(s) during the pandemic that will continue as we move forward

  • Things you learned about students, colleagues and ourselves and how that informs changes you make to your work

  • New trends, ideas or innovations that you’d like to see included in your unit or the library

  • How library spaces are changing to meet the needs of a new generation of learners

  • Just in time/on demand collection development or service delivery

  • Making invisible labor more visible

  • Panel presentations representing multiple perspectives on a topic

If you want help brainstorming ideas, reviewing abstracts, thinking about presentation or poster structure, there are many people willing to help!

  • Allie Carr
  • Lali Nataraj
  • Toni Olivas
  • Rosa Rodriguez

Library Wide Learning Committee

  • Char Booth
  • Allie Carr (co-chair)
  • Lali Nataraj
  • Kelly Ann Sam
  • Terri Roudenbush (Co-Chair)
  • Hugo Wong