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GEL 101 Library Module - PASO

2. Evaluating Information Online

Evaluating information is really difficult! Trying to figure out if something is useful, reliable, and comprehensive can take a lot of work. But using the VQE Method can give you a strategy to do this and can make it a little bit easier. The three levels of VQE are:

  1. Visual: surface level
  2. Quality: just below the surface, digging a little bit deeper
  3. Ethos: a deep dive into the source

Whether you know it or not, you engage in these levels of information pretty frequently -- every time you meet a new person, read something on the internet, or any other time you encounter a new piece of information. 

Let's use the analogy of water sports to see how we can apply the Visual Quality Ethos method of information evaluation. 

Watch the video below to learn about the types of questions to ask when you're evaluating an information source.