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GEL 101 Library Module

This guide is for students enrolled in GEL 101: General Education Lifelong Learning.

Who are your professors?

Important vocabulary to learn

Remember we said we'd learn some of the "hidden rules" of a university? Some of those rules have to do with "jargon", or specialized vocabulary that you might not have encountered before. 

Disciplines Different areas of study, such as the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. 
Scholars All of your professors are scholars, or specialists in a particular branch of study. They are each trained in a specific discipline.
Student-Scholars You yourself are on your way to becoming a student-scholar. While "students" take in information, student-scholars begin to create new information and contribute knowledge and expertise to the communities around them. 

Why does this matter to you?

All scholars seek to understand the world around us, but they each see the world differently and ask (and answer) questions in different ways. This means that your professors for different classes might have different expectations of you, depending on the discipline. For instance, your math professor may want you to read your math textbook differently than your literature professor wants you to read a novel. 

Having an understanding of the different disciplines will help you navigate your courses. Watch the presentation below to gain a better understanding of the sciences, humanities, and social sciences.