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PSCI 413A Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties - Evaluating News Sources (Spring 2022) Professor Beavers

Using ProQuest Newsstream

Search Tips

Tips Examples
Use keywords, not long search phrases

Instead of searching for "How do risk assessments impact racial biases in the justice system?" break down your search into the main keywords:

pretrial risk assessment, racial bias, justice system

To get more focused results:

Use quotation marks (" ") to keep phrases together

Use AND to combine different keywords

"pretrial risk assessment" AND discrimination

To get broader results:

Use OR to combine similar/associated keywords

Truncate words that have a variety of endings with a *

("racial bias" or discrimination) AND "pretrial risk assessment")



racis* = racism, racist 

Look for ways to limit your search in the database using the Advanced Search mode

You can often limit by type of article (editorial, front page) & year of publication

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