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SOC 480: Sociology Capstone (Professor Rivera)

SOC 480 Research Assignments

Annotated Bibliography (15 points) – First, you will create a list of (30) peer-reviewed scholarly articles from the CSUSM library databases on your proposed area of advocacy.  From that list, you will annotate (16) of the most compelling ones in ANY relevant academic field of your choosing. The annotation that you will write should cite the article, provide a link to it, and then succinctly respond to the three points below (word count minimum 500): 


    1. State what the researcher(s) set out to study (the intervention), in order to expand understanding about the issue.
    2. Analyze one or two research findings and explain what you find interesting and compelling.
    3. What is the potential of the findings in engaging your advocacy position in new directions to fill any the “knowledge gaps” that you're wondering about? (And it won’t be a waste of effort if you decide that the article was actually not as helpful as you thought!) 

Please consult Cougar Courses for full project guidelines.

Capstone Final Project (30 total points) – Minimum word count: 3000. No maximum – so write freely! The table below provides a breakdown of the composition of the Final Capstone Project. The scoring rubric and exemplar models will be available.        

  • A rough draft (up to 5 points, word count minimum 500) of the Introduction + "Argumentation Thread #1" will be assigned in advance for an online peer review to invite helpful student feedback. It can be approached in narrative form and "tell the story “Of how you came to your advocacy position.


Introduction on your stakes (personal, academic, and/or career), advocacy position, argumentation pattern, and thematic organization.  ALL these components must be included. (5 points)

Argumentation/ Literature Review on at least three themes/ aspects that highlight your argumentation based on your annotated notes of 16 sources scholarly sources that you analyzed in-depth. Explain your reasoning for your advocacy position, drawing from the structure of your annotated notes and any life experiences or observations thoughtfully edited to support your argumentation. Here’s where your skills at writing to convey an argument should shine! (10 points)

Significance Section on why further study and research into your advocacy position may be essential to expanding academic studies in related areas - and explain why. Propose new research ideas - in Sociology or in other disciplines and fields - and how they could be carried out in better ways, informed by your thoughtful review of published scholarly research…AND gut feelings. Aim for at least three. (5 points)

Implications Section on any practical actions that you would

recommend in everyday life - and explain why. Propose actions at varying levels - individual, interpersonal, organizational/ institutional/ systemic, policy recommendations – all informed by your thoughtful review of published scholarly research… AND gut feelings. Again, aim for at least three. (5 points)

Future Directions on the advocacy position, your individual intellectual growth, and any “knowledge gaps/ holes” beyond the scope of your focus. Showcase your vision and “outside the box” thinking as a future college graduate in your field! (5 points)

 Please consult Cougar Courses for full project guidelines.