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SSCI 301: Introduction to the Social Sciences (Fall 2022) (Professor Weigt)

SSCI 301 Community Engagement Paper

You have been assigned a topic related to food and the student experience: food insecurity, food justice, food sovereignty, food deserts/apartheid, food rescue, or CalFresh. You will write a paper which introduces your topic, relates it to student experiences and course materials.

For this assignment, you will:

1) locate three sources:

a) two scholarly articles from two different social science perspectives (e.g., one from sociology and one from linguistics) and;

b) one report from a community resource or organization working in the field on your topic.

Note: all of your sources need to be used in your paper, so select accordingly.

2) prepare annotations of your sources:

a) annotations should follow format we will discuss – intro, assessment of source, discussion of how the source will help your paper (directions on CC);

b) first annotation of one of your scholarly sources is due 11/2 in class; second annotation of your remaining scholarly source is due 11/16 in class.

c) final annotated bibliography due with your paper. Revise initial annotations based on feedback from classmates.

3) write a 5-6 page paper which:

  • Introduces and defines your topic (your task is to educate others) 
  • Discusses its significance (how big of a problem is it? why does it matter? How does it relate to the student experience or why might it be important to students?) and origins (what causes it or the problematic aspects we have discussed? Or why is it needed?)
  • Offers at least one micro-level and one macro-level solution or improvement
  • relates the topic to course materials similar to Community Engagement Paper 1.

The paper is intended to be an individual effort but, later in the semester, you will work with a group to create and deliver a short presentation and infographic about your topic for the Cougar Food Network. (presentation: in class 12/7; guidelines forthcoming).

Final essay due online by 6:00 pm on 12/12.

For full assignment guidelines please refer to Dr. Weigt's prompt in Cougar Courses.