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Business Resources for COVID-19

News Databases and Selected Sources COVID-19 for Business

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Keywords COVID-19 for Business

SARS-CoV-2 is (the virus) that causes COVID-19 (disease). The disease was declared a pandemic in March of 2020.

Visit World Health Organization on Naming the Coronavirus for further reading.

Potential Keywords for use database searches

COVID-19, Novel Coronavirus, Coronaviruses, CARES Act, Coronavirus relief bill, pandemics, quarantine, shelter in place, social distancing, disease control

Subject Headings in Business Databases
Identify subject headings from article records as you keyword search OR use of the thesaurus (found within a database)
Combine keyword and subject headings for narrower results. 


  • Novel Coronaviruses


  • COVID-19

  • ​​​Coronaviruses

Business Source Premier:

  • COVID-19 pandemic 

  • Coronavirus aid, relief & economic Security act (U.S.)

  • COVID-19 for works on the respiratory illness caused by the novel coronavirus

  • SARS-CoV-2 for works on the virus

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