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History 301 - Strathman

Google Scholar

Google Scholar focuses on articles, books, and conference papers to eliminate a great deal of popular press and newspaper articles.

Some issues to beware of:

  • Problem: Using any internet browser does not guarantee access to full text that you as a CSUSM member are entitled to access as you won't get through any database's paywall. 
  • Results will include items that are not scholarly such as editorials.
    • Solution: Be a critical consumer and look for scholarly markers (see Secondary Sources for evaluation tips.)  
  • Books may or may not link to full text.
    • Solution: Check our catalog for the book's title and if we do not have it, you can request through Interlibrary Loan's Digitization on Demand service. 

Watch the video for tips and tricks comparing Google to Google Scholar results and accessing text with your Scholar preferences enabled.