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Linguistics Research Guide

Other Sources

Listservs and Forums

List Archives at Linguist List
Linguistics in your inbox (article from Sage Publications, reviewing a number of listservs)
Celting Listserv (devoted to Celtic languages)  

Professional Organizations

Linguist List Maintained by Eastern Michigan and Wayne State Universities
American Association for Applied Linguistics
American Philological Society
International Cognitive Linguistics Association

Internet Sources

There are a wide variety of online language resources, some are of questionable quality, but others are very good. Be careful and do further research before accepting anything posted as factual. All information is subject to an author's bias that might exclude important information. What are included here are considered to be examples of reliable sources.

American Languages: Our Nation's Many Voices brings together a number of audio recordings and supporting materials demonstrating the diversity in American linguistics with a focus on German-American influences. See also American Languages: Our Nation's Many Voices Online for further information on this project.
British Library Sound Archive: Accents and Dialects
Primarily concerned with British dialects, this site describes various resources in the library's collection and a limited list of websites.
Center for Applied Linguistics Resource Guides Online: Linguistics is an extensive list (archived and not updated) of articles and links to applied linguistics resources. 
EServer: Languages and Linguistics is a collection of publications, some silly, some serious.
Ethnologue: Languages of the World information on the 6912 known languages of the world.
iLoveLanguages offers a mixed bag of scholarly and popular sites, but does have an extensive list of world languages from which to choose. (Formerly called the Human Languages page).
Linguist List is run by linguistic faculty and students to support research and communication about linguistics and its related fields.
SIL International is a faith-based organization devoted to researching lesser-known languages of the world. Of particular note is the web-based version of the language encyclopedia Ethnologue that provides basic factual information on over 6000 languages and where they are used.
Speech Accent Archive from George Mason University provides sound clips of native and non-native speakers for comparison of different speech patterns.