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DNCE200: Movement Awareness

Dance and Performance Videos Online

Jacob's Pillow Dance Interactive 

Archive of dance videos dating back to the 1930's, filmed at the renowned dance festival.

Hemispheric Institute

Video channel for performance art in the Americas.

UCLA World Arts and Cultures Department

Vimeo channel for multidisciplinary dance program at UCLA. "We draw upon multiple disciplines and artistic approaches while encouraging students to position their work within broad social contexts."

TED Talks: Dance | Performance | Performance Art | Theatre

Lectures and performances, filtered by category.


Digital collections from across the University of California library system (search for "moving images").

American Indian Film Gallery

An online collection of films by and about Native peoples of the Americas, hosted by the University of Arizona.

Library of Congress Digital Collections

Filtered to film and video.


Documentary films on American traditional cultures.


Documenting avant-garde performance.