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LTWR307: Writing Workshop in Argument and Analysis (Prufrock): Books & Catalog

Books & Catalog

You can find useful chapters in scholarly books that critque this work from a variety of aspects.

Some ways to search are:

The ever-popular keyword (default) search using the term PRUFROCK--

  • You will find yourself digging through irrelevant and unscholarly material to get the 'good stuff'.

The subject term PRUFROCK--

  • provides a more focused result, but not many sources.

What about searching for criticism of Eliot? Specifically his poetry, or analysis of his work. "Prufrock" was not written in a vaccum, it was one of many works produced and many scholars have written on Eliot.

Try a subject search on Eliot. T. S and look for criticism as a sub-heading.

And that is just books! Let's look at articles in the databases next...