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Comm 200: Argumentation and Dialogue


Welcome to the course guide for Communication 200: Argumentation and Dialogue. This guide will walk you through the process of completing your Gathering Research Assignment, as well as the research needed for the other assignments.

You will be required to find three types of sources for your Gathering Research assignment (and assignments that come later in the semester):

  • Scholarly sources: Peer-reviewed journal articles
  • Substantive news: Long-form, investigative journalism
  • Editorials: Shorter pieces intended to persuade

Search Tips:

Use these limiters in the Academic Search Premier database to find your specific source type.

  • Scholarly: On the search or results pages, use the “peer reviewed” checkbox to limit to scholarly articles
  • Substantive News: On results page, on the left, select “Magazines” and “Newspapers”
  • Editorials: From search page, choose Document Type “Editorial”

Library Session Activities

Watch this video on using Academic Search Premier to find the sources you need for your Gathering Research Assignment, including filtering for Editorials.

Comm 200 Library Session Worksheet


Source examples for library session:

The uninhabitable earth, by David Wallace-Wells