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History 460: Seminar in World History

Getting Started

Welcome to looking at history through an alternative lens!

This course will challenge you to look at a historical event as represented through a venue that is generally considered less traditional in the academic sense. Analysis of alternative presentation is a relatively recent area of study, so there are lots of opportunities to find unexplored ground for analysis and critique.

This type of research also presents challenges in that there are fewer existing academic sources looking at this treatment, but there should be plenty on the historical event in the traditional sense.

Once you have your event and representation format (film, novel, etc.), you will be looking at facts--did the event actually happen? Could such an event have happened at all? Of course, there is always freedom to present a story to engage the audience, but how far from the truth does this representation go?

This page is subdivided by the project options outlined by your professor, as each will have its own options and different examples.

Who says history can't be fun? Let's start!