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BUS 300 - Business Professional Development

Business Professional Development Library Guide

Image of two people sitting across from each other. Engaging in an interview.

image of two seated individuals facing each other in an interview. by Christina Wocintechat. Used under Upslpash license; image resized from original.

Welcome to your Business 300 Course Guide!  You may explore the various links on the left side of this page to find sources that will help you with your report!

Need research help, ask us!

  • Tried searching for 15-20 mins but are STUCK, ask for help.
    • Use the Ask-Us! Feature on the library's website (general librarian help)
  • Contact your subject librarian = Judy 

Self and Occupational Analysis Report

Self and Occupational Analysis Report: How to Get Started

  1. Business research is a different way of inquiring and thinking, it will get easier with practice.
  2. Read your assignment (highlight requirements, clarify with instructor)
  3. Use this online course guide to direct you to a general list of resources (see additional pages, left), if you need more information ask for help.