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GEL 101 Library Module

This guide is for students enrolled in GEL 101: General Education Lifelong Learning.

SIFT: Practice (Day 1)

Scenario: You have been assigned a research paper on college student mental health. Your professor tells you to spend some time understanding the topic before you select your focus, and they recommend searching the internet to find good sources. If you find a credible source, you can use it in your paper, but it has to be good. Since you are just focusing on general background information right now, you’re not required to find a peer reviewed journal article.

The sites below are representation of results you would find searching your favorite search engine for college students mental health.

Instructions: In groups of 2-3, review the website(s) below and answer the questions on the worksheet.

Campo, J. (2017). It's time to recognize mental health as essential to physical health. Stat.

Ezarik, M. (2022, April 19). Student mental health status report: Struggles, stressors and supports. Inside Higher Ed.

SIFT: Journal Articles (Day 2)

Scenario: You’re continuing your research on college student mental health. You’ve completed your background research and selected a focus topic, and now are ready to move on to finding sources to support your draft thesis. You are required to find 1-2 scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles to include in your paper. 

The journal articles below are representative of search results in Academic Search Premier database for college students mental health.

Instructions: In groups of 2-3, review the source(s) below and answer the questions on the worksheet.

Rasmussen, E. E., Punyanunt-Carter, N., LaFreniere, J. R., Norman, M. S., & Kimball, T. G. (2020). The serially mediated relationship between emerging adults’ social media use and mental well-being. Computers in Human Behavior, 102, 206–213.

Worsley, J. D., Harrison, P., & Corcoran, R. (2021). The role of accommodation environments in student mental health and wellbeing. BMC Public Health, 21(1), 1–15. DOI:

SIFT: Journal Articles - Snedden

Hebert, E., Henry, B., Duplan, C., Naquin, M., & Wood, R. (2020). Relationships between academic success and health and illness in college students. American Journal of Health Studies, 35(1), 1–13.