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GEL 101 Library Module

This guide is for students enrolled in GEL 101: General Education Lifelong Learning.

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GEL Instructor Meeting, May 2024

GEL Instructor Meeting, May 2023

Library Module Materials


To prepare your students for the library session, please assign the following item, due no later than the day before the library session:

I strongly recommend that you complete the tutorial prior to assigning it to students, one, in case they have questions, and two, to understand the framework we're using for the library workshop(s).

There is an option for students to email the results to themselves or to you at the end of the tutorial. If you would like to assign this for points, please give your students instructions on how to do this.


Day 1

In class

After the one-day library session, we will ask students to complete the following tutorial. As with the pre-work tutorial, there is an option for students to email the results, if you would like to add points to it.


Day 2

In class

At the end of the second session, students will be given the following tutorial for them to complete as needed.


Additional Materials

SIFT: The Four Moves, Mike Caulfield, blog post at Hapgood

  • Short essay about the four moves used in SIFT

Civic Online Reasoning, Stanford History Education Group

  • Curriculum to supplement and extend upon the library workshops and extend on the concepts. 

Web Literacy for Student Fact Checkers, Mike Caulfield, open textbook

Check, Please! Starter Course

  • Five-lesson plan to continue where the librarians leave off. Includes student and teacher materials

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