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Human Development Research Guide

Scholarly Articles Activity (HD 490)

In pairs or small groups,

Briefly review the following articles:


  1. The impact of an aging inmate population
  2. Comparing incarcerated and community-dwelling older men's health
  3. Reentry experiences of elderly ex-offenders


Which do you think are scholarly, peer-reviewed research articles? How do you know?

Write down your reasoning for each article to share with the class.

Professional Resources Activity (HD 495)

Read over the 2 sources linked below. Both answer the question, "What percent of students in elementary school are bullied?" However, they give different answers. Which one would you rely on in a professional setting and why?

Link to Digital Handout for HD 495

EBP Activity (HD 497)

In groups of 4-5, review the abstracts and the methods sections of the following 4 articles. Based on the research design of the study, rank them in order of the quality of evidence from 1 (strongest evidence) to 4 (weakest evidence).

A. Evaluation of a foster parent intervention for foster children with externalizing problem behavior

B. Identification of social-emotional problems among young children in foster care

C. Fostering secure attachment: experiences of animal companions in the foster home

D. Searching for effective interventions for foster children under stress