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Human Development Research Guide

Professional Resources Activity (HD 495)

Read over the 2 sources linked below. Both answer the question, "What percent of students in elementary school are bullied?" However, they give different answers. Which one would you rely on in a professional setting and why?

Link to Digital Handout for HD 495

EBP Activity (HD 497)

In groups of 4-5, review the abstracts and the methods sections of the following 4 articles. Based on the research design of the study, rank them in order of the quality of evidence from 1 (strongest evidence) to 4 (weakest evidence).

A. Evaluation of a foster parent intervention for foster children with externalizing problem behavior

B. Identification of social-emotional problems among young children in foster care

C. Fostering secure attachment: experiences of animal companions in the foster home

D. Searching for effective interventions for foster children under stress

Scholarly Articles Activity (HD 490)

In pairs or small groups,

Briefly review the following articles:


  1. The impact of an aging inmate population
  2. Comparing incarcerated and community-dwelling older men's health
  3. Reentry experiences of elderly ex-offenders


Which do you think are scholarly, peer-reviewed research articles? How do you know?

Write down your reasoning for each article to share with the class.