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ScholarWorks Page Substitutions and Corrections

While students, faculty advisors, and committee members do their best to carefully check all the materials contained in masters' projects and theses, mistakes happen. Did you accidentally include some confidential information in your file? Did you make a mistake on a citation or incorrectly quote someone? Perhaps you just noticed now that you included an older or incorrect version of a graph or chart, and you need to replace it. This page has the information that you need to request changes and corrections to your thesis or project. Please note that minor errors like misspellings and typos do not fall under this option. Change requests for typos, misspellings, and formatting errors (other than ADA compliance) will not be approved.  

Corrections/Errata Pages

Please email the following information to Carmen Mitchell, and copy your thesis chair/primary faculty advisor:  

  • A detailed list of the corrections that are needed, including page number and line number 

  • The text that needs to be corrected  

  • The new corrected text 

You may use ellipses to shorten the text that needs to be corrected if you need to save some space.  

The errata sheet will be inserted as the first page of your thesis or project, noting the corrections. The text of the thesis or project will remain as it was when you first submitted it to the library. Errata pages will not be processed during the thesis/project processing time. (The last two weeks of the semester and the week of finals.)  

Page Substitutions

If your situation is one regarding confidential, proprietary, or classified information then a page substitution is the proper option. A page substitution is where we replace the original page from your thesis or project with a new page that has the confidential information removed.  

To request a page substitution, please email Carmen Mitchell the following information and copy your thesis chair/primary advisor: 

  • A list of the pages that you need to have replaced in your thesis or project. 
  • The replacement page/s as Word documents attached to the email.  

The ScholarWorks team will make the replacement page/s ADA compliant and then swap them for the other page in your file. Page substitutions will not be processed during the thesis/project processing time. (The last two weeks of the semester and the week of finals.)