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Withdrawal Requests

CSU Scholarworks is intended to provide long term access to and preservation of works of scholarship and other materials supporting the research and teaching mission of the California State University. In order to preserve the integrity of the scholarly record, Cal State San Marcos does not generally support the removal or deletion of publications once posted to CSU ScholarWorks. However, Cal State San Marcos reserves the right to remove, withdraw, or suppress publications under special circumstances, including in the case of submission errors and/or rights violations.
We reserve the right to remove, withdraw, or suppress a publication if we have reason to believe it violates the right of a third party, including cases of accusations of libel, invasion of privacy, or plagiarism. We also reserve the right to remove or withdraw a publication that violates university policies.
An item may be considered for withdrawal on meeting one or more of the following criteria:
  • The item was deposited in error, and has only been available for a few days
  • The item contains information that is sensitive, restricted, or otherwise should not be public
  • The item is in violation of copyright or other laws, or of Cal State San Marcos University policies
  • The item has been proven to be fraudulent or plagiarized
  • Continued online access poses a legitimate and proximate threat to the safety or well-being of an individual

Here are some reasons that do not necessarily justify withdrawal: 
  • The author or depositor is concerned about reputational damage from something they wrote and deposited in the past
  • A user encounters a resource that they find potentially offensive or embarrassing
  • The item is outdated or superseded by a new version In cases where authors have a new version that supersedes the previously posted one, they can post the new item separately, and request that a note be added to the old one to refer readers to the new one, with an explanation
  • The author intends to publish elsewhere, so wishes the earlier version to no longer be available
Requests made through this form will be reviewed by the repository administrator and the Dean of the Library. In some cases, items may be temporarily withdrawn from public view while the problem is investigated, and then returned to public view if reasons for withdrawal are not deemed to meet the above standards. The requestor will need to provide their name, the reason for their request, and their email in order for us to process it. Please email Carmen Mitchell if you have any problems filling out the withdrawal form.