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MKTG 448 Course Guide (Muniz)

GlobalEDGE (Michigan University Website)

Resource covered in Library Orientation

From this resource you should have been able to identify criterion for evaluating a country for export.

Try one of the ways to gain insights on a country. 

CountryTrade BlocEconomic Classification (easily identify Emerging, Frontier, Mature markets), Industry

Navigation of GlobalEdge has two level os menus a top level, or use the "tiles" in the center of the website.

Global Edge Database using top navigation for insights by country

Our World in Data (Website)

  • Information on this site 
    • Visualizations and text are licensed under CC BY that you may freely use for any purpose
    • Our data is available for download

Image of top navigation menus for Our World in Data, use dropdown to pick a topic or enter a keywprd

Nation Master (website)

Image shows search bar and search on fixed broadband and a list of results in NationMaster

OECD (Website)

OECD works toward, "establishing evidence-based international standards and finding solutions to a range of social, economic and environmental challenges." (Source About OCED).  There are 38 member countries. 

OECD data page indicating ability to search their datasets by topic or country

Mergent Online (Library Database)

To locate a Country Profile,

Select Advanced search

Use the dropdown to select a country (right top of the screen)

Mergent menu with advanced tab selected and highlight on country profile dropdown box top left 

World Factbook (by CIA)

Worldfactbook menu with dropdown to select a country

Use the drop down to select a country that you wish to learn more about. 

Challenge Question: How Much Coastline does Brazil have?

International Monetary Fund (website)

Link takes you to the data space of the IMF's website. 

Another space of interest will be the IMF Country information 

Image of IMF search on a country, shown is argentina

World Trade Organization (Website)

Located on this resource are Statistics, economic research and analysis, annual reports on trade.