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GEW Skokan

Researching for your Assignment

Use this guide for helping you locate relevant articles for your assignment.
The guide navigates in a series of pages (see the left-hand side links). 

  1. Learn about your theory or lens that you are applying to your work, see the "Background information, learn more about a theory" to start.
  2. Dive deeper into additional ebook titles on disability studies, critical studies, feminist studies, marxist, etc. 
    • Use the "How to find ebooks" to locate potential relevant titles.
  3. See the Finding articles tab - for locating scholarly articles for databases and search tips.
  4. Cite your sources; use the citation tab for MLA citation style information.


Links used in Instruction Session


Handout - Tips & Tricks for Searching and Entering Keywords

Handout - Did I find the right article type? Is this a Humanities Article? (also linked on the Finding articles tab)

Google Form - Activity practicing evaluating an article

Google Slides - Keywording Activity (Google Slide Keywording Activity- changes for each section)