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CSUSM University Library Award for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity

In recognition of scholarship and creative activity in CSUSM undergraduate student research

Previous Award Winners

The winning submissions from prior years and related materials can be found in CSUSM's Institutional Repository, ScholarWorks.

Creative Works

Julia Glorioso, Political Science
"The Routine "
Faculty Advisor(s): Kristine Diekman


Michael McDermott, Computer Science
"ESAC: An Energetic Sustainable Adaptive Clustering Protocol for Heterogenous Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks (HANETs)
Faculty Advisor(s): Nahid Majd


Empirical Research

Anay Ochoa, Biological Sciences
"Effects of Egg Mass, Hatching Size, and Clutch on Body Masses and Lengths of Female American Alligators."
Faculty Advisor(s): John Eme


Carly Slack, Business Management
"It's Always About People: How a Crew Mentality Can Serve as a Model for Short-Term Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs"
Faculty Advisor(s): Ben Cherry


Kara Nazaroff, Sociology
"'The World I Knew Collapsed': A Qualitative Study of Life After Leaving a Highly Controlled Religion
Faculty Advisor(s): Mary Roche


Krystal Alvarez-Hernandez, Psychological Science
"Depression and Anxiety in Mexican Mothers Living in California Before and During COVID-19"
Faculty Advisor(s): Kimberly D'Anna-Hernandez


Melissa Reyes, Environmental Studies
"Social Justice Through Sustainability: Acknowledging Students of Environmentally Discriminated Areas Through Sustainable Efforts on Campus"
Faculty Advisor(s): Juliana Goodlaw-Morris, Ariel Stevenson and Gabriel Valle


Interpretive Analysis

Ariana Null, Media Studies
"The Hobbit's Embrace of Diverse Men"
Faculty Advisor(s): Michelle Holling


David Reis, Environmental Studies
"Evaluating the Impact of Native Vegetation Disturbance on Fire Risk in San Diego County "
Faculty Advisor(s): Christina Simokat


Jordan Gaeta, Child and Adolescent Development
"Social Skills Intervention for Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses "
Faculty Advisor(s): Janice Phung


Sara Anne Mitchell, Social Science
"From Novel to Film: Landscape and Jane Austen"
Faculty Advisor(s): Martha Stoddard Holmes



No award winners due to COVID-19.

Empirical Research

Petrona Gregorio, Rosa Hunt, and Elizabeth Cruz, Psychology
"The role of risks information, social norms information, and implementation intentions on decreasing sugar-sweetened beverage consumption intentions and behavior."
Faculty Advisor: Heike Mahler

Sebastian Ring, Kinesiology
"Acute response to the 7 minute workout"
Faculty Advisor: Todd Astorino

Interpretive Analysis

Sara Freitag, Communication
"Gucci: Flattering women through patriarchal heteronormativity"
Faculty Advisors: Antonio De La Garza

Chase Spear, History
"Oriental Masquerade: The Cultural Impact of Japanese Kimonos in America"
Faculty Advisor: Zhiwei Xiao

Creative Works

Tiersa Cosaert, Visual & Performing Arts
"Curios of the Future" [sculpture]
Faculty Advisor: Judit Hersko

Empirical Research

Ivan A. Hernandez, Charlene Andreason, Alondra Calva, Caitline Castillo, Psychology
"Perceptions of Socioeconomic Mobility and Risk-Taking Behavior"
Faculty Advisors: Wesley Schultz, Anna Woodcock

Josefa Gregorio, Lorena Aguirre, Jesus Perez, Alejandra Zafra, Physics
"Synthesis and Characterization of the Doped Othoferrite HoFe0.5V0.5 O3"
Faculty Advisor: Stephen Tsui

Interpretive Analysis

Elizabeth Jaffari, Literature & Writing
"Monstrous Ambiguity and Desire in Otsuichi's Goth"
Faculty Advisor: Rebecca Lush

Creative Works

Wesley Howlett, [major]
"So long: A reflection on the reality and illusion of change"
Faculty Advisor: [xyz]

Empirical Research

Jacob S Thum, [major]
"Greater enjoyment in two modes of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) compared to continuous exercise training (CEX) in persons with spinal cord injury (SCI)"
Faculty Advisors: [xyz]

Petrona Gregorio-Pascual, Redd Driver, Carlos E. Rosas, Stephanie L. Price, Alyssa C. Martinez; Cristal Lopez, [major]
"The Effects of Social Norms and Self-Affirmation on Changes in Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption"
Faculty Advisor: [xyz]

Interpretive Analysis


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