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CSUSM University Library Award for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity

In recognition of scholarship and creative activity in CSUSM undergraduate student research

Follow these steps for your submission


Entry Requirements


Choose the research project or creative works you would like to submit.  

  • Review the rubric to ensure you understand the criteria by which your work will be judged.

  • You must have completed the project during Spring 2023, Summer 2023, Fall 2023, or Spring 2024.

  • Your project must have been completed under the guidance of a CSUSM faculty member. and submitted as an assignment for class.


Write a 500-750 word essay describing and reflecting on your research process and use of library resources, including, but not limited to:

  • evaluation and selection of materials

  • search strategies and tools used

  • understanding of your role as a student-scholar, and a creator of new information

  • recognition of different perspectives encountered within the scholarship

**Remember, this is a library award so this part of your entry is crucial.**

3 Redact (remove) all identifying information from your submission materials to help ensure fairness in judging.

Upload the final version of your research or creative project.  Make sure to:

  • Include the 500-750 word essay describing and reflecting on your research process. 

  • Include the complete bibliography, using a citation style appropriate to the discipline.

  • Redact (remove) all identifying information from your submission to help ensure fairness.

Author Rights

Students retain all rights to their work.  However, students must also grant a non-exclusive license to the university at the time of submission. The license confirms that the student is the creator and contributor of the work and grants the university permission to share the work in an open-access digital environment for educational purposes.

Students and any co-authors retain all intellectual property rights for their work. Students submitting materials for which they do not own copyrights, must certify that they have obtained permission from the copyright owner before making materials available online.

Students also give the university permission to make their work available to all users and to adapt it to accessible formats per American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance requirements. Requests for use of the work for purposes other than education will be referred back to the copyright holder.