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Aoki cover image


AOKI chronicles the life of Richard Aoki (1938-2009), a third-generation Japanese American who became one of the founding members of the Black Panther Party. 


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Gaysians is an exploration of family, immigration and language through the voices of five queer and trans Asian-Americans from New York City. 

Meeting at Tule Lake cover image

Meeting at Tule Lake

Among the ten Japanese Internment that imprisoned 120,000 Japanese Americans during World War II, Tule Lake Segregation Center was the site for over 18,000 "disloyals." Fifty years later, seven former internees discuss their past and how they came to terms with their identity, politically and socially, both during and after their camp experience.

Painted Nails cover image

Painted Nails

The salon Van owns with her husband feels like a second home, but she is hesitant for her daughter to spend time there, fearing the adverse effects of product chemicals. Van herself suffers from headaches, memory loss, and has had trouble bringing other pregnancies to term, but continues to work morning until night every day. Determined to make her salon a safer place, Van takes her story to Washington D.C. and becomes one of the first to testify for safe cosmetics in over 30 years. 


To be Takei cover image

To be Takei

This award winning documentary features Star Trek legend, marriage equality advocate, and spokesperson for racial justice; superstar George Takei.



Crossing Lines cover image

Crossing Lines

The story of an Indian American woman's struggle to stay connected to India after the loss of her father. Like most second-generation ethnic Americans, Indira Somani has struggled with identity issues, since her parents migrated to the U.S. in the 1960's. Being born and brought up in the U.S. Indira led an American life, but at home, her world was Indian because of her father's immense love for India and Indian culture.

Vincent Who? cover image

Vincent Who? The Murder of a Chinese-American Man

In 1982, at the height of anti-Japanese sentiments arising from massive layoffs in the auto industry, a Chinese-American named Vincent Chin was murdered in Detroit by two white autoworkers. Chin's killers, however, got off with a $3,000 fine and 3 years probation, but no jail time. Outraged by this injustice, Asian Americans around the country united for the first time across ethnic and socioeconomic lines to form a pan-Asian identity and civil rights movement.

A Lot Like You cover image

A Lot Like You

Eliaichi Kimaro is a mixed-race, first-generation American with a Tanzanian father and Korean mother. When her parents retire and move back to Tanzania, Kimaro begins a project that examines the intricate fabric of multiracial identity, and grapples with the complex ties that children have to the cultures of their parents. 

Bitter Legacy cover image

A Bitter Legacy: The Treatment of Japanese Americans During WWII

This documentary examines issues before, during and after WWII, regarding the treatment of people of Japanese ancestry in America, most of them, American citizens. Many of these forces are still here and have repercussions today worldwide.

Split Horn cover image

Split Horn cover image

The Split Horn documents the journey of Hmong shaman Paja Thao and his family from the mountains of Laos to the heartland of America: Appleton, Wisconsin. This poignant film shows a shaman's struggle to maintain his ancient traditions as his children embrace American culture. 

Good Luck Soup

Good Luck Soup

 The journey for the Hashiguchi family begins with Matthew's grandmother, Eva, who moved to the Cleveland area following her family's internment during World War II. Though she and many other Japanese Americans were invited to the area, assimilating, working and living there was an ongoing struggle.

Finding Samuel Lowe cover image

Finding Samuel Lowe

An Afro-Chinese-Jamaican Harlem family seeks their Chinese grandfather who was forever separated from their mother - his 3-year-old half-Chinese, half-Jamaican daughter - in 1920. Samuel Lowe returned to China in 1933 with a Chinese wife and 6 children.

Pidgin: The Voice of Hawai'i

Pidgin: The Voice of Hawai'i

What if you are made to feel ashamed when you speak your "mother tongue" or ridiculed because of your accent? "PIDGIN: THE VOICE OF HAWAI'I" addresses these questions through its lively examination of Pidgin - the language spoken by over half of Hawai'i's people.