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BUS 444 Strategic Management in Global Environments - McDonald, Lerchbacker

Course Guide for those enrolled in Bus 444

BUS 444 Guide Overview

Strategic Management

Use the left hand navigation to research sources for specific purposes. 

  • This course requires you to use good data sources!
  • The library's subscription databases contain a range of information to help you with the analysis - use of the premium databases is expected, and is the ability to evaluate the information you select for your analysis.
  • If you have questions about the sources you are selecting reach out to the librarian for more on source evaluation.  

Note: Many of our subscription databases offer the ability to research both an Industry, Company and news reports.

Video Overview of this BUS 444 Course GuideScreenshot of video that provides an overview of the course guide

McDonald / Lerchbacker

  • In-person workshop, Tuesday, 8:00 am - 10:20 pm, KEL 4400 (4th floor lab)

For use DURING Library Workshop

#1 Worksheet (We used this in class. Refer to this as you complete your analysis and research

#2 APA citations for commonly used sources - see examples created for your use 

#3 Survey of librarian Instruction  or use QR Code 


  • BUS 444 McDonald, in-person workshop, Mon, 8:30 pm - 10:20 pm, KEL 4400 (4th floor lab)

For use DURING Library Workshop

#1 First part of today is interactive TYPE In CODE 2478 3388

#2 Review as needed the APA citation guide from the library & citing business databases examples in APA - on this page left 

#3 AFTER Instruction refer to your Cougar Course shell. Use the WORKSHEET and also the recorded video content on the use of resources for your capstone chronicles.

Image of BUS 444 Cougar courses module for library