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BUS 442 (Antoniou)

A note on financials...

Start-ups that don't have any financial history also need to create financial projections by calculating start-up costs and using the same information that you would find in an established company's financial statements.

A start-up can project its future sales and use financial ratios compiled from other companies in the same industry or base its numbers on the financial statements of public companies. These numbers are especially important for start-ups that are seeking outside capital through traditional lending sources or from private equity investors.

The workshop showed the use of BizMiner for start-up costs. 

To view company financials - the sources listed for Company Ratios can also find financials.

Industry Financial Ratios

Screenshot of Industry Financial report menu Highlight on ratios tab

screen shot of Industry Report menu highlighting Key statistics

Company Financial Ratios

Screenshot of Mergent menu when searching a company, click for the financials and then ratios

Screenshot of company snapshot highlight on financial results

screenshot of search boxes one for entering keywords and another for browsing