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FIN 331 Magemeneas

Global Business News

The library has electronic access to business news and journals. Make sure to always log-in to the library for full access.

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Databases providing Business News sources:

Evaluate, Evaluate, Evaluate!

  1. What is it? - Do you know what type of source you even located? Online newspaper, magazine, trade journal, blog, company website. Always ask what did I find? 
  2. Author(s) - Does the author have the “right” to write about this topic.

  3. Owner/Sponsor - If there was no author, read the ABOUT US section of the website. What is the mission, vision, purpose of the article/site/information? If you can’t figure our author OR Owner - do NOT use the information.

  4. Currency - In business currency it key. Use information that is as current as possible to help understand where an industry, business, company, market, may be going/headed. 

  5. Quality - how is the information reviewed? Is there an editor, peer-review process, some check on quality? Do they cite their sources (note - lookup cited sources for quality check). 

  6. Purpose - What is the intention of the site? To inform, persuade, to sell, or some other purpose?  Does the site have an inordinate number of ads, cookies, etc. - why do you think this is?