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Business - Company Research


Screenshot of Factiva company snapshot menu enter name or ticker number for report


Mergent screenshot of main menu for searching a public US or international company

To locate information on a Company:

Use the check box to select your choice of Publicly traded companies (USA or International)

Then enter company name or symbol (ticker)

IF the company is a large private, then use the D & B 

Enter company name

Image of menu that appears after searching a company name, main tabs and sub tabs

Business Source Premier

Business Source Premier menu - showing ability to browse company profiles

Try the BROWSE by company, many large companies have reports in this resource.

Alternatively use the search bar and search this source for news surrounding your company.

Hoover's Company Records

Screenshot of search boxes to locate reports by entering keywords OR by using the browse company


Westlaw main menu with highlight on company investigator

Help guide from Westlaw on How to conduct comprehensive research on both private and public companies

ABI/INFORM Complete (by Proquest)

Use the advanced search feature in ABI/Inform. The "company" look-up feature will show you a list of names along with the number of article hits (results). For example - a search on "Peloton" pulls up variations on the name, select the one(s) you wish to view the results for. Evaluate the articles to ensure relevance to your report.

Advanced search menu selected with two search bars to enter keywords

Researching Private companies, you may also want to add in a search of  Private company research reports (a source within ABI/Inform)

'Currently, we cover about 65,000 Private Companies from 34 countries. We are steadily building up our cover. The articles vary in response to the data available. Triggers are broadly the companies’ own Releases, which we supplement with our research on its corporate profile, including its activities, ID and contacts, its Financials (where disclosed), its recent previous releases over a trailing period (dependent upon the number) and its top management." (Souce: Newsbitesfinance).

Shows search for Stone Brewery in Private company research reports source