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Wildfire Science

This guide will help you find information resources related to Wildfire Science.

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A pyrocumulus cloud rising from the Dixie Fire, looking east from a country road north of Chico on the evening of July 22, 2021.

Pyrocumulus cloud produced by the Dixie Fire on July 22, 2021. Photo by Frank Schulenberg, from Wikipedia. CC BY-SA 4.0. image resized from original.

Welcome to the Wildfire Science Research Guide! Whether you are new or old to doing library research, this guide will have something useful for you. Start here on this page to find general wildfire science resources, or explore the tabs on the left to find resources broken down by major topics in field. 

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Looking for a research topic? Use the resources below to learn what's new in the field of wildfire science.

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California's Wildfire & Forest Resilience Action Plan

Front cover of California's Wildfire & Forest Resilience Action Plan

The "California's Wildfire & Forest Resilience Action Plan" (2021) contains recommendations from the Governor's Forest Management Task Force to "address the key drivers of catastrophic fires, significantly increase the pace and scale of forest management, and improve the resilience of increasingly threatened communities."