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Wildfire Science

This guide will help you find information resources related to Wildfire Science.

Fire Detection & Mapping Resources

Mapping and Wildfires

From Western Washington University College of the Environment: "Wildland fire is a serious concern for community members in the wildland-urban interface (WUI), the area outside of urban districts where human development is mixed with wildlands. While defining the WUI in any given area can be a difficult task, a Geographic Information System (GIS—a computer-based mapping and spatial analysis interface), can be an effective tool to analyze, model, determine, and mitigate hazards and risks related to the WUI."

Book and journals at the CSUSM Library

Online resources

Esri Wildfire Information Map

Esri's ArcGIS Disaster Response Program provides access to data and maps related to numerous natural disasters. View their Wildfires portal to access live wildfire data, technology, and resources. 

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at CSUSM

All current faculty, staff, and students can access the CSUSM ArcGIS Lab organization website to create maps. Follow this guide to login with your CSUSM credentials.