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Musical Artist

This guide will introduce you to information resources in the Music Industry.

Background Information

When learning a new skill, it's important to have the proper context to understand the material in front of you. Generally speaking, at the core of being a musical artist, one must have a relativity strong understanding of music theory. While not all artists require a deep understanding of theory, musicians who are aware of key concepts only benefit. Music theory lays the ground work for musical performers and producers.


These selected resources will provide you the knowledge to quickly understand musical terminology, while also developing a deeper connection with your instrument.

Music Theory

What is music theory?

It's important to define what "music theory" before we can understand it's concepts and ideas. According to music theory is defined as "Music theory is the study of the fundamental elements that construct and govern the language of music, including notes, scales, chords, rhythm, melody, harmony, and form." Music theory is what musicians use to communicate ideas to one another.

Video Resource #1

ANDREW HUANG'S "Learn music theory in half an hour."


Andrew Huang's video about music theory is a great starting place for those who don't have previous music experience. Huang eases learners in by first defining important musical vocabulary such as notes, and chords. After establishing vocabulary Huang starts to delve into more fundamental concepts in music theory such as the varying scales, scale degrees, and basic rhythm. 

Conceptualizing these topics can be challenging at first, but through Huang's colorful and deliberate graphics, he slowly demystifies these concepts.

This video aims to define important musical vocabulary.

Video Resource #2

The Mento Zone's "How to Count Basic Rhythms"

Now that some of the definitions have been covered, its time to move onto the next musical hurdles. Mento Zone's video explains the difference in note lengths, rest lengths as well as information regarding the musical staff. Rhythm is one of the most important concepts in music. It transcends language barriers and is universally present in every genre of music. 

This video aims to explain the music staff and rhythm. 

Video Resource #3

12tone's "How I'd Learn Music Theory (If I Had To Start Over)"

12tone's video regarding music theory takes a different approach of tackling the concept of music theory. Ultimately music is an artform that doesn't have a "right" or "wrong" curriculum. 12tone understands this and aims to highlight certain aspects of music/ music theory to better guide listeners to learn concepts that would benefit them most. 

This video aims aid musicians in identifying which musical topics to learn more about. 

Book Recommendations