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Musical Artist

This guide will introduce you to information resources in the Music Industry.

Music Performance

Instruments in music are used to express and convey different kinds of emotions or meaning. Musicians often times choose between learning multiple different instruments or honing in their skills for only one. Learning multiple instruments allows musicians to express themselves through different sounds. This isn't to say that it's impossible to convey multiple different meanings with just one instrument. A commitment to one instrument often leads into the experimentation and generation of new ideas! 

Creativity is key. There is never one set way to learn an instrument! 

Video Resource #1


Marty Music's beginner acoustic lesson is fantastic jumping point for those who have little to no guitar experience. Marty provides insight into proper fretting techniques while teach 2 great beginner friendly chords (E Minor + Asus2). Marty also provides tips to better aid beginners prefect their playing form. 

The full playlist provides a deeper insight into key guitar fundamentals. Marty also branches off into electric guitar tutorials. Once you feel comfortable with the basics feel free to explore the beginner friendly guitar tutorials also listed! Learning guitar via your favorite songs is a great way to stay engaged in the music!

Video Resource #1

Pianist Magazine "Basics of Playing Piano: Seating and Posture (1)"

Seating and posture can make or break a pianist playing abilities. Knowing the proper posture can elevate playing, enhance nuances in performance, and preventing injuries such as carpal tunnel. 

Video Resource #2

Pianist Magazine "How To Play Piano (Your First Piano Lesson)"

Basic music theory and knowledge regarding sheet music is integral when it comes to playing piano. Pianonote's video does a great job presenting some information previously covered while also tying the concepts to playing the piano.  

Pianonotes "Basics of Playing Piano" playlist offers great insight into all aspects of piano playing. These tutorials range from metronome tips and tricks to budget friendly piano options. 

Your voice is also an instrument, and as such requires training/practice to better. Similarly to an instrument, there are proper techniques to use to enhance the tonality of your voice. Ramsey Voice Studio's introduction to singing provides great insight when it comes to techniques and posture. 

The ukulele is great instrument to learn prior to learning guitar. Marty's video explains all the basics of ukulele; from the string names to basic chord shapes. 

Marty's video regarding the bass guitar offers great information. Marty touches on the basics of bass playing while providing information about proper form and technique. 

Drumeo's beginner drum lesson is a great starting point for those wanting to learn drums. At first, the amount of different "drums" can seem over whelming. This video proper defines each individual drum while explaining its purpose in the context of playing. A brief lesson into reading rhythm is also provided.