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Musical Artist

This guide will introduce you to information resources in the Music Industry.

Music Performance

When making music, its important that you own what is rightfully yours! Long gone are the days were artist required music labels to publish music. Now independent artist can publish their music while also earning their fair share. Making sure to pick the right distributor that is right for you is very important. These factors can range from the amount of songs you want to publish, to the pricing model that is most appealing to you. 

Video Explanation

The video above provides great insight regarding music distribution. iMusician covers topics such as royalties and music distributors. The video focuses on distribution through iMuscians own platform, however the information being provided is transferable to other platforms!

Orpheus Audio Academy's video goes into great detail into the process of using Distrokid and explaining all the nuances that come with music distribution as a whole. 

Zik the Programming Guy;s video regarding Tunecore offers a great step by step guide when it comes to publishing.