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Musical Artist

This guide will introduce you to information resources in the Music Industry.


CSUSM offers plenty of fantastic resources when it comes to fostering the spark of music creation. Provided below are the options for musicians and producers alike! 

Resource #1 

Piano Practice Rooms



CSUSM offers piano practice rooms, fully kitted with Steinway and Sons pianos for students use. Students do not need to be a music major to utilize these practice rooms. Use the link above to schedule an available time for you. 


Learn more about CSUSM's & Steinways collaboration.


Resource #2

Studio Rentals

CSUSM's iStudios offer a plethora of resources for students to utilize. These services include rental video tech, podcast studios, private editing rooms, group editing lounges, and most notably recording studios. Simply sign up for an available time slot, and get to creating.

Resource #4

Music Curriculum


CSUSM currently offers 3 degrees for those interested in furthering their musical education. Currently "Music Major" , "Music Minor" , and "Music Technology Minor" are being offered. 

Resource #3

Arts Recording Studio

Alongside iStudio's recording studio, CSUSM offers a more extensive recording studio located in ARTS 177. Unfortunately, room reservations are only alotted to music majors. 

Other resources for musicians are also available off campus! While resources around the San Marcos areas are quite limited, the provided resources are quite viable for aspiring musicians!

Resource #1

Spaceship Recording Studio

Need a place to record? Spaceship studio offers great amenities for those trying to boost their sound. The studio is located in San Marcos and offers great spaces for recording and all purpose mixing/mastering.

Resource #2

Guitar Center

Without the proper gear, musicians are able to achieve the sounds they strive for. Located a few minutes away from campus sits Guitar Center San Marcos. Stock up on gear/instruments to shape your sound! 

Resource #3

San Marcos Music Academy

In need of private lessons? San Marcos Music Academy offers a wide variety of instrument instruction for an hourly rate. Definitely a resource to check out for those wanting to up their preforming skills!