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This guide will introduce you to information resources in the field of Engineering.

Streaming Media from CSUSM Library

Old photo of Nikola Tesla in black and white

American Experience: Tesla, 2016 [53 min]

Nikola Tesla has come to be seen by many as a tragic figure, a visionary engineer who died impoverished and largely forgotten, eclipsed by names such as Thomas Edison and Gugielmo Marconi. A tireless inventor who registered numerous patents and developed many working prototypes, Tesla would become most famous for his dazzling demonstrations. 

A man with glasses

Stop or Go for Electric Cars, 2014 [23:53 min]

Experts discuss recent advances in electric vehicles. Topics include: Lithium-ion, Lithium-air, Lithium-sulfur, and magnesium-ion batteries on this episode of Newton.

A closeup of a person's lips that have red lipstick

The Smartphone, 2019 [54:26 min]

Dial in to the history of the smartphone, from its roots in Morse Code to 1997, when the first picture was transmitted over a cellphone. Plus, see how the next generation of smartphones will allow us to communicate through them just by thinking.

Online Videos

There are a number of freely available channels that provide reputable engineering and science videos. Tip: Try searching YouTube or Vimeo by the title of your favorite engineering publication (either journal or magazine) to see if that publication also produces a streaming media channel.