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GBM 425 Course Guide

Course Guide for GBM 425

shipping containers forming an arch

Pixabay image of shipping containers by Valdas Miskinis. Used under (CC0); image resized from original.

Use this guide to help you locate reports, articles, data, etc. to help you make decisions on exporting your product/service to other counties.

Library Workshop

After this research session:

Students will be able to identify a potential service or consumer product to export (from the US).

Using secondary research sources students will be able to identify 3 - 5 initial criterion that will help you evaluate countries for your exported product/service.

Locate an international publicly traded company in the same industry (using either NAICS or MIC code) to you are considering exporting in. 

Open in a new tab/window:

Handout - Make a copy for your use ( - the code for today is 2736 1537

Slides use in Library Research Session 

Survey of Librarian Instruction