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LibAnswers/Chat Best Practices


When you log into LibAnswers it takes you to the "Dashboard". Refresh your dashboard a few times during your shift to see new tickets or any updates as IT WILL NOT AUTOMATICALLY UPDATE. 

LibAnswers Dashboard link circled


Customizing Dashboard View for RHD Only

  • The dashboard in LibAnswers will display tickets from both User Services and RHD queues. To make sure we only answer RHD tickets you have to manually customize your dashboard view.
  • First, go to LibAnswers and then Admin > Views
  • In the Manage Views page, click on the Create a View button on the left hand side
  • Name the custom view (suggestion: RHD Only), Status to "Not Closed", and Queue to RHD, and then click Save

Manage LibAnswers Account with Default Dashboard View circled

  • Click on Save

Boxes showing how to only see RHD queues

  • Now when you're in the LibAnswers dashboard you'll see only RHD tickets!
    • NOTE: The number in the red circle at that top left will still reflect tickets from all queues. If you want to peek at other queues you can still do so using the drop downs right above the list of tickets. However, with this change, when you click on Dashboard on the top left (where the red circle with ticket numbers show up) you'll be taken to an RHD only view