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LibAnswers/Chat Best Practices

Library FAQs

  • Keep an eye on the Library FAQs.
    • This system is how our students are getting answers to their questions so if the FAQs aren’t updated then they’re getting incorrect information.
    • By working together and pointing out if you see something incorrect or that needs to be added we can all ensure that our students are getting the information they need.


  • FAQ Workflow
    • If you notice something is incorrect/outdated in an FAQ or if you think a new one should be added, follow the FAQ Workflow.
    • The Workflow will show you how to add a FAQ to LibAnswers, how to update an FAQ if you are the FAQ owner, how to suggest an update to an FAQ if you are not the FAQ owner, who takes point on FAQs for each unit/subunit, and more.


  • The FAQ & Canned Messages Request Form can be used for submitting a request for a new FAQ or Canned Message or request an update to an existing FAQ or Canned Message.
    • Upon submitting the request, you will receive a copy of the request along with Teri Roudenbush, Holly Hampton, Amanda Kalish (the point people for FAQs) and anyone you note as a person to notify.