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BUS 302 Course Guide (McDonald)

Learn about FTAs

FTA Tariff Tool (IF part of FTA use this)

Search for tariffs on all products that are covered under the U.S. Free Trade Agreements (FTAs).

FTA Tariff Tool 

To use the tool you need:

  1. Harmonization System Code for your product; find this using the Census Bureau's Schedule B Search engine 
  2. Does your product meet the rule of Origin? Note: "tariffs are eventually eliminated for almost all products that meet the agreement's rule of origin." Free Trade Agreement (FTA) or Trade Partner Agreement uses the agreement to determine originating status. 

User Guide for the Tool  (Source 

CustomsInfo Global Tariff Classification Research Tools for Users

Search for tariffs on all products that are NOT covered under the U.S. Free Trade Agreements (FTAs).

You must register with a valid email address for access. 

Descartes CustomsInfo

Shipping and Logistics

Shipping Logistics and Supply Chain 

Journal of Commerce website
International trade news on topics in commercial transportation and supply chain.  Special Topics, Ports, Sailings, Trucking, Logistics, Rail etc. 

Journal of Commerce full text (Proquest)
Get the full text of the articles referenced above.  All aspects of commercial transport including economic, trade agreements, sustainability

World Freight Rates
Enter originating port, destination port, container size and value.