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BUS 302 Course Guide (McDonald)

Selected e-books of import/export/globalization

Cover of  Short Introduction to Strategic Management

Short Introduction to Strategic Management

Discussed internal analysis, external analysis, SWOT, PEST, PESTLE, Five Forces 

Cover image of  How strong is your firm's competitive advantage?

How strong is your firm's competitive advantage?

Porter's Five Forces is covered in this title. 

Cover image of 25 Need-to-Know Strategy Tools

25 Need-to-Know Strategy Tools

Covers Porter's five forces (Chpt 6)

Selected Streaming Business Media

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PESTLE Analysis

"Although external factors are outside of a business’ control, it is still important for them to consider political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental/ethical factors. This video explores the PESTLE analysis and how it can be a helpful tool for business. Through real case studies, students will understand how PESTLE can be applied in practice and its usefulness in strategic decision-making." (Source FOD)

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SWOT Analysis

"In business, a thorough understanding of an organisation’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in both internal and external environments is crucial. This video introduces the SWOT analysis and how it can be a helpful evaluative tool for businesses. Through real-life examples, students will see how a SWOT analysis can be applied in practice and why it is beneficial for strategic planning." (Source: FOD)

Main image for Video Series titles Strategic Tools for Business

Strategic Tools for Business (series)

How do businesses make important decisions? This series introduces four analytical tools that businesses use to evaluate factors in their environment and make strategic plans. Ideal for business students at a senior secondary level and beyond. Four videos cover the following Lewin's force field analysis, PESTLE analysis, Porter's Generic Strategies, SWOT Analysis 


Researching Global Markets: Business Without Borders

Your product is set to go worldwide, but what if it doesn’t have global appeal? Going global in business requires thorough research into demographics, culture and religion, politics, economics and law to identify viable international markets and suitable marketing strategies. In this program, experts Kathleen Griffiths (RMIT) and Simon Kanat (Ted Baker Downunder) explore key areas to consider when identifying global markets.


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