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BA 680/ BA 685: Business Intelligence Master's Project

Course guide of resources often used for Business Intelligence Projects

Scholarly Sources and Search Tips


Tips Examples
Use keywords, not long search phrases

Instead of searching for "How is legislation impacting the production of electric vehicles?

break down your search into the main keywords:

legislation, impact, production, Electric vehicles

Use quotation marks (" ") to keep phrases together

Use AND to combine different keywords

legislation AND "electric vehicles"
Use OR to combine similar/associated keywords (EV OR "electric vehicles")
Look for ways to limit your search in the database You can often limit by type of article (scholarly and peer-reviewed), year of publicationsubject 
Many databases use an asterisk (shift + 8) 
Politic* as a search returns results on multiple endings. Politic, Politics, Political, Politically, etc.


Just because and article is published does not mean it is quality. Many spaces on the web are spaces where questionable information can and is published, waiting for "information consumers."  

  1. What is it? - Do you know what type of source you even located? Online newspaper, magazine, trade journal, blog, company website. Always ask what did I find? 
  2. Author(s) - Does the author have the “right” to write about this topic.

  3. Owner/Sponsor - If there was no author, read the ABOUT US section of the website. What is the mission, vision, purpose of the article/site/information? If you can’t figure our author OR Owner - do NOT use the information.

  4. Currency - In business currency it key. Use information that is as current as possible to help understand where an industry, business, company, market, may be going/headed. 

  5. Quality - how is the information reviewed? Is there an editor, peer-review process, some check on quality? Do they cite their sources (note - lookup cited sources for quality check). 

  6. Purpose - What is the intention of the site? To inform, persuade, to sell, or some other purpose?  Does the site have an inordinate number of ads, cookies, etc. - why do you think this is?