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ENTR 320

Resources of interest to students enrolled in Entrepreneurship

What problem are you solving, & has it been done before?


Two vegan meat burgers with french fries served in a food box

What problem are you solving?

Social problem: A way to help climate change is to shift from animal farming to eating more plant-based meats.

Take a few minutes to generate keywords that you can use to search on. 

Each column represents a concept.

Within each column list: broader terms, narrower terms, related terms/synonyms, and alternate spellings

Plant based  climate change change eating

Has this idea actually been done? 




Try a Google Search (General web based search)

Google Search bar search on "plant based Meat" and "Climate Change"

Challenges with Google:

Tons of articles, more need to evaluate your sources.

Note: the images filter can be helpful to identify a similar product (if you need to "see it")

Try the "shopping" filter - is something similar for sale?

Try the news filter - are there articles? 

Try OneSearch - (this searches for articles using the Library website) 

OneSearch bar from the library's homepage showing a search on "Plant based Meats"


OneSearch is the library's search across different source types. 

Did you discover potentially relevant information?