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ENTR 320

Resources of interest to students enrolled in Entrepreneurship

Industry Sources

The Market (from Industry sources)

How big is the market and is it grownig?

Who will be your competition?

Utilizing industry reports from subscription library databases should help inform you about the following:

  • Companies that operate in the industry/ "key players"
  • The industry life cycles and growth of the industry
  • Financial benchmarks and financial ratios relevant to that industry
  • Market share, competitors, and competitive dynamics
  • Major markets and their products
  • Forces that are pushing and pulling on the industry (political, environmental, legal, regulatory, social, technological, etc.)
  • Suppliers (power of suppliers)
  • (Source: IBISWorld)

Use your Worksheet in conjunction with this page.

Locate and Industry Report

Look for the Critical Factors above

Write down an additional Resource  (trade journal, magazine, newsletter, regulator, association, organization)

From Here we will go to Step 2b Market Research page (Left-hand size)


  • Keyword search or use NAICS code (IBISWorld Reports uses 5 digits of a 6 digit NAICS code).
  • Reports beginning with OD - are "specialized reports," often they cover a smaller section of an industry.
  • Some industries will provide 5 digits of a NAICS code plus a letter, for example 51121e- Video Game Software Publishing in the US 

Screenshot of basec search bar for IBISWorld

Official Help from IBISWorld - Must be logged into the library to view information

FirstResearch (by Mergent)

NOTE: To get to the database click to enter and then, Continue, Continue, Submit.

Screenshot of FirstResearch by Mergent's keyword search bar

Keyword search or use 2, 4, or 6 digit NAICS code to locate industry reports.

Database provides ability to view: executive insights, critical issues, industry opportunities, and more.

Meeting with a stakeholder? Check out the "Call Prep questions" which help start conversations with different stakeholders (CEO, COO, CFO).
Diving deeper into the industry check out the Websites section: Provides a robust list of industry related associations, organizations, and publications.